What We Do

pHinal Touch offers specialized IT consultancy services to various industries, private sectors, state and central government bodies which covers wide spectrum of Website Design, Graphic Design, SEO, Hardware AMC, Smart School Integrated Solutions.
Here we connect policy, research and practice, helping to ensure the desired implementation of effective services to improve the Business Lives of our valued clients

Website Design

We develop Website and play the reel of Clients dream. We develop aesthetically beautiful and highly functional Website using cutting edge technology and best practices across the world. Our dedicated effort in developing Website lure the visitors to become customers. All our developed Websites are SEO/ SMO friendly which has very clean and Organized Codes that are always easy to customize and update.


  1. Responsive
  2. SEO Friendly
  3. Minimal Design look
  4. Creative & Unique UI
  5. Easily Customizable
  6. up to latest industry standard

Graphic Design

Creative Design

We implement creativity of our team to visualize unique ideas that reflects the identity of the brand. Its either Poster, Banner, Brochure, Leaflet, Fact-Sheet, Signage, pHinal Touch always comes with something different that appeals mass. Our designers employ their imaginative and creative idea in their nifty work assigned as per market visibility.

We offer expertise of our team to choose colour, set theames, create illustration, writting content and creating perfect visual idea at the end.

Logo Design

We design Logo to value the corporate identity which demarcates client market position and to give him Brand Identity in the Industry. Our Logo spells the quality of the products. Our Objective is to promote the entire Company through its logo. Besides Logo, we offer Digital Compaign, Social Media Management, SEO and other print material to creat strong brand identity.

Despite that We care smallest details about brand and the target audiance before going to create Logo or Brand Identity.

Image Enhancement

Image Enhancement is not a techinical process but an Art at pHinal Touch. The process start with analyzing the object and creating the follow chart for proper enhancement. The process is completely different for each products and decided according to demand of the final result. For portfolio design process our complete focus is to develop the characterestics of the model, while in Jewellery Retouching our focus shift to create flawsless product with good natural lusture.

Our expert team checks all projects very precisely to ensure best result at the end. We are highly praised for our retouching process by world's best Design Studios.

Smart School Solutions

The Digital Smart School ERP solutions transformed Education sector to accessible to all. We know Information flows through walls to borders like speed of light. Smart Learning and Managing School makes Education systems run fast and smooth which increases the learning graphs at good pace. The digital smart school ERP Solutions consist of two parts: Digital Smart Interactive Whiteboard and School Management ERP.

Highlights of Digital Smart School ERP solutions

Interactive Smart Board with Infrared/ state of Art Technology which gives quick and on time response. High Brightness screen are designed to emits more light, provides highest quality picture.
Easy to install and simple to operate by anyone. The more is that two persons can work simultanesouly on board and also collaborate using dual touch interactivity.
Our Interactive Smart board imitate your personal writing style and speed so that what you see on screen the screen is an expression of your own self
We provide dfault education software with Digital Smart Interactive board and its compatible with any other Educational Software like DigiSchool or Educart.

School Management ERP: We also provide complete ERP for School Management Systems

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There are two major types of search engine optimization thecnique used in the industry, white hat search engine optimization and black hat. There are of course differing opinions about the nature of each type of SEO, but as name suggest white hat SEO is ethical way and black had SEO is not considered so ethical.

Most of the time we face the question "Why SEO". The answer is who doesn't like free trafic on their website! and SEO is the method to bring the traffic according to search term. Free traffic means you have to invest in the method not the traffic, so a good SEO can bring unlimmited traffic that remains for long time.

As an SEO expert, our aim is not to develop number of website but each and every Website created by us run successfully online. We take you to effective ranking on Google page with acceptance on the IT and Non IT Plateform.

Our method of SEO involves analyzing website and then creatings precise steps for the process.

SEO Highlights

  1. Audit Site Framework
  2. Map Strategy To Audience & Competitive Insights
  3. Onsite SEO to optimize landing page
  4. Backlink Creation
  5. Social Media Optimization
  6. Blog and Press Release

Hardware AMC

Color Style

+ unlimited colors with colorpicker.